Facetime For Windows PC:- Is It Available ?

FaceTime is a popular app for iPhones, featured by apple technology. It is a video calling app and users have also appreciated a lot. In 2011 FaceTime app was also released for the Mac users. These way users were able to make video calling between Mac users and iPhones users. But here comes one question and that is what about those who use Facetime for Windows? Is it possible to use these amazing apps on PCs as well?

Unfortunately, there is no FaceTime for the window users. You can go for other options. There are many reliable and great apps that work both on window phones and PCs. But remember there is no official app that is released for the computers having windows operating system.

FaceTime Open Standard:

In 2010 when FaceTime was released the CEO of apple said that they are going to standard bodies. This is a great plan because all the other competitors’ world has made compatible software that is compatible with the FaceTime. This would have opened all the doors for the developers creating all different kinds of program that is compatible, including those which could run on windows and other operating systems such as android.

There is very little proof of making FaceTime as an open source.  Apple always makes things unique so we should not be forgetting this thing.

Facetime Alternatives for Windows:

It is now clear that facetime is not available for windows, but do not get disappointed as there are some other great applications which can run on windows and you can use them. Here are some of the examples

  • Skype: – a popular video calling app with so many other features like it is free software and there is an additional offer also valid.
  • Glide: – it is an interesting app with an interesting twist in video calling apps. You can not only video chat with your friends all around, but can also record small video clips and share them with your friends.  It also gives you a group video calling feature.
  • iMovicha: – it is a free video calling app, which you can use on your personal computers.

There are some other free and reliable video chatting apps, which you can use on your windows system.  These are

  • Yahoo messenger
  • Viber
  • WeChat
  • ooVoo

these are the best alternative to FaceTime app, which you can download on your systems and enjoy video calling for free. There are many great features which you are going to get with this app. FaceTime for windows might not be available today, but we can still hope that it might be available tomorrow when apple is going to make a new great invention.  Till then there are many other great apps which you can use and chat with your friends all around the world.  These apps are not going to cost you a penny. There are some a totally free app available which you can get on your systems and enjoy free video calling around the world.