Ola Cab Offers for the New Users 2018

Ola is thought to be India’s most popular mobile application for transportation. Earlier days when we did not have smartphones, it was a difficult job to, book a cab whereas today we can do so with just one click! This company has launched two new features so that the users can have a better experience.

Ola Cab Offers for the New Users 2018

As and when the cab becomes available, the users get an instant notification. Ola has that facility where, when they book a ride, the users get tracked down so that their safety is maintained. This application is available on Windows, Androids and iOS.

Advantages of Paytm

  1. Makes sure that the users have full safety the entire ride
  2. Cab does not make the user wait for long, it arrives before 15 minutes
  3. They have built in maps for drop destinations
  4. They have a favorites menu which the users could use for frequent destinations such as home, best friend’s place and so on

Ola Coupons for first timer’s

Booking; Rupees 50 OFF on the First Ride

  • The cab offers a free ride for those who are using this cab for the first time
  • This offer is valid only for this week
  • This offer is valid only when the booking is done using the mobile applications
  • Use the referring code; “RX76PM” to get rupees 50 off
  • The toll or parking charges will be more
  • Make sure to share the referral code with friends and families to get a Cab free ride

This is an extremely smart way to book a taxi. Ola is responsible for the user’s security and hence, travel free for the first time. Download Ola today!

Rupees 50 for the New Users

  • The users are supposed to invite their friends and families to sign up on the Ola application using their referral code.
  • Once the sign up is done, with the help of the referral code, the free ride is switched on for every friend who has signed up
  • The first free ride gets a rupees 50 OFF using the code “3YWYA0”. Using this code, get a rupees 50 ride for free
  • Once your friend gets a ride using your referral code, you get rupees 50 off on your ride.

This is a current ongoing offer and should be used effectively!

Recharge Rupees 599 on Rupees 50 extra!

  • Users need to recharge for rupees 599 in order to get rupees50 extra
  • This offer is valid only for those rides which are booked on application
  • This coupon is for selective users
  • Available once per number
  • This coupon will be valid for 6 days from the day of the receipt

Go on with this offer and save up to rupees 50 on your rides!

NOTE: The above mentioned two coupons are strictly only for the new users.